Welcome to The Marian Diaries, a blog run by a woman with many loves: fashion, food, culture, and traveling.  A visit to The Marian Diaries will not only provide you with some helpful tips on some of her favorite topics (yes, brunch is one of them), but you’ll get a glimpse on what it’s like being a twenty-something year old trying to make her way in the world.  But before you read on, let’s learn more about the author.

Marian Asuncion is a foodie, friend, fashion fiend, and adventurer. While Marian has varied interests and many life goals, one of her main goals is to successfully have her own blog and this blog is the culmination of it!  When not hanging with friends and family, Marian can be found trying new recipes in the kitchen, reading up on the latest marketing/tech/fashion trends, or cheering on her favorite sports teams.  She relishes in a good book and great tea, but loves it even more when she’s working towards her goals.  Next up? Publishing a cookbook!

Disclaimer: All photos, videos, and graphics are created by Marian unless otherwise noted.  If you would like to use a photo, please contact her here.  The opinions and posts of Marian do not reflect those of her employer.  All reviews by Marian are her own genuine opinions, and unless otherwise stated, she did not receive any compensation or benefits from writing her reviews.


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